Leading the beauty revolution...

… is DIVA Studio.

The Vision
A World Class Guest Experience

For the past 15 years, Diva Studio has clearly been the most decorated and award winning salon in Las Vegas. Diva has accomplished this by offering a wide variety of quality services, performed by some of the most renowned artistic and creative talents in the city. Diva Studio strives to foster a professional and personable environment that creates energy and enthusiasm for all its guests, in an effort to ensure “A World Class Guest experience” each and every visit.

Diva Studio is committed to ongoing education so that we can continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Consequently, since ongoing training is a cornerstone of this organization, we actively encourage each stylist to always strengthen their skills with respect to fashion, tips, tools, trends, and techniques.

Diva Studio, a performance driven organization, hires only the finest, most talented individuals possible. The company empowers each individual in the organization to the fullest extent possible by assigning them to the highest degree of responsibility and accountability.

The Brand

The name DIVA personifies a degree of confidence and stylish mystique that epitomizes a woman of distinction. Hence, the name DIVA Studio was born not only to reflect an image of fashionable elegance, but the acknowledgement of each and every guest as that of a Diva. We are driven to deliver world class guest experience as well as a sense of well being and style between visits.

The Service

Diva studio realizes that its success is determined primarily by the experience each guest has with the company. Diva believes it is the value of each guest’s experience that determines the success of the company. Talent, creativity, and skills drive both customer satisfaction and salon loyalty.

It is Diva Studio believes its relationship with its guests doesn’t stop at the door. Diva studio strives to keep every Diva guest looking their best, every day of their lives, with the least amount of effort. It is this coupled with their experience that keeps clients coming back year after year.